our story

We are, well, opinionated. We want to excel in cross media experiences, exhibition shows, all sorts of audiovisuals on any screen, interactive/online and multi media campaigns. We strongly believe finding the best solution is the only way of doing our job right. Often that means telling hard truths and proposing solutions that may seem unorthodox. Those that work with us once know that it works, that we seek dynamic interaction with our clients but never consensus. To create memorable experiences. To tell your story. And see it re-told again and again.

our networks works

You will soon notice the benefits of working with our network build organisation. You have every specialist at your fingertips. Every unique concept gets a unique team. That is how we can excel in creativity whilst maintaining perfect execution.

our 3-p strategy

As you might have guessed by now, we work based on ‘doing business with friends’. Friends who trust and respect one another. Who connect. We have this 3P-strategy: profit, prestige and pleasure. Preferably a project possesses all three. Two P’s is the minimum. One ‘P’ means the project does not pare with our profile. So no, we will not do it.

our clients

Our clients are the best clients. We are very proud work with them. Smart people working for brands and organisations that want to stand out, be excellent in what they do. Our work with our clients is of intense partnership where we never spare one another or seek easy consensus. So yes, you can expect a heated discussion every now an then. It’s because we care. Want to know how much? Drop us a line.

Kees van de Koppel
Malou  Brinkmans
Martin  Melis
Bas  Brinkman
Jeff van Riel
Ineke van Rossum
René  Koenen
Robbert  Peek


These are the people that make your story work. Each jotted down his or her own story.