your story needs to be told.
a true story sets out change.

a true good story well told

It begins with a story. Your brand’s story, or that of your organisation. It is a unique story. A true story. One that needs to be told. Because well told, it deepens the relation with your clients or customers. A true story sets out change. Heightens engagement.

told by you and your clients and customers

A good story well told demands to be shared. No wait. Is eagerly shared. By your customers, your clients. It’s their version of your story that is the most valuable building block of your brand or organisation’s identity.

we help you find, develop and tell that story

THE PROGRESS FACTOR helps you find and develop your true, good story. We help you tell it. Tell it often, convincingly and inspiring. With any media necessary to do it well. We firmly believe that audiovisual media, interactive media and live communication should almost always be among the key ingredients.